Just launched! New organisation groups and types in the Phew Audit System

Date: Friday, 26th Apr 2024 | Category: General

We’re delighted to introduce a significant enhancement to how grouping organisation types and hiding questions have been improved in the Phew Audit System. This latest feature allows you to categorise your organisations into multiple categories, providing enhanced control over who you send your audit to and how you’d like to view the report.  

Initially, our system was tailored for organisations conducting a small number of audit types, allowing for straightforward reporting. However, as our client base has expanded, so have the complexities of reporting requirements. Many of our clients now demand more sophisticated reporting structures and intricate respondent hierarchies. Additionally, the need to streamline the assignment of audits and enable restricted questions has become increasingly paramount. 

Organisation Groups has been added to the system, allowing you to group your audit participants accordingly, for example, by area. Within each of your Organisation Groups, you can add your Organisation Types. These are driven by how you want to assign your audits. 

Please see the example below showing an Organisation Group and the Organisation Types within it: 

Organisation groups and types


You can now customise audits to display specific questions based on the organisation type, so that if a question is not suitable to one of the organisation types, you can use the check-boxes, to choose who it is to be hidden from.  

In the example below, the question will be hidden from all organisations in the Bedford – Health group:

Restrict organisation types

Additionally, the audit reports can be refined by Organisation Type with the addition of a filter, as shown below: 

Audit status report

With the launch of this new functionality, you’ll notice the addition of a default organisation group in your system.  If you need assistance with setting up your organisation types, then please do get in touch with the support team who will be happy to help. Simply email support@phew.org.uk 

We’ll also be delving deeper into this topic during our upcoming Lunchtime Learning session on Thursday 23rd May at 12:30 pm. Book your place here.