What kind of data and response analysis can Phew’s Audit System provide?

Date: Wednesday, 10th Apr 2024 | Category: Audits, Safeguarding

In the world of audits and safeguarding compliance, navigating through a vast amount of data can be a daunting task. Organising responses, tracking progress, and gaining a clear overview of your auditing landscape can often feel like an uphill battle. This is where Phew’s Audit System comes in, providing a comprehensive suite of reports to streamline your audit process and provide the ability to make informed decisions. We’ve highlighted a number of insightful reports within the Audit System below:

Response overview report

Imagine having a clear, visual representation of all Yes/No or Yes/No/Work Required responses across your organisations or settings. The response overview report does just that. You can swiftly grasp the landscape of your audits through intuitive pie charts and percentage breakdowns.

Consolidated overview report

The consolidated overview report provides a comprehensive analysis of audits with rating-based questions. It presents all the responses in an easy-to-understand format, highlighting trends, strengths, and areas needing improvement.

Questions report

The questions report allows you to select specific questions and download detailed Excel spreadsheets with answers from all organisations. Whether it’s for in-depth analysis or sharing with stakeholders, this report provides a granular view of responses, with the ability to filter by organisation type.

Audit status report

Keeping tabs on audit progress is essential. The audit status report provides up-to-date information on completion percentages and other significant details. Stay informed about the status of current and past audits, facilitating better decision-making and planning.

Rating overview

The rating overview report tallies selected answer options across organisations when ratings are involved. This sheds light on performance metrics, enabling you to identify trends and areas for enhancement.

Action plan

The report consolidates actions from all settings across audit questions. You can track progress, filter by organisation, and monitor completion percentages to take tangible steps towards improvement.

Summary report

Last but not least, the summary report neatly summarises all questions and answers by organisation type. This concise recap offers a quick reference point for understanding audit results and trends.

“The Section 11 audit helps provide the MSCP Executive leadership with a clear overview of how partner agencies in Merton adhere to their duty to safeguard children, and what actions will be taken to improve any issues identified.

“Using the Phew Audit System has reduced the resources required, both to deliver the audit by the business support team and to contribute to the audit by partner agencies, which is much appreciated by everyone where resources are limited and often stretched.”

Sarah Slater, Manager of the Policy, Improvements and Partnership Team

Phew’s Audit System doesn’t just collect data—it transforms it into actionable insights. Gain clarity, feel confident and secure, and make informed decisions backed by solid data. With these powerful reports at your fingertips, audits become more than a mere compliance task—they become a strategic tool for safeguarding excellence.