How Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership revamped their online presence

Date: Thursday, 23rd May 2024 | Category: Web Design & Development

Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership (DSPP) is dedicated to ensuring the safety of children, young people, and adults in the borough. Collaborating with various agencies, DSPP aims to enhance local safeguarding arrangements and protect Dudley’s most vulnerable residents. However, their online presence was not effectively supporting this mission. Here’s how they transformed their website with the help of Phew’s website framework, achieving remarkable results.

DSPP’s previous website, managed by the Local Authority, failed to meet their needs. As a multi-agency partnership, they required a website that demonstrated their independence and was user-friendly. Feedback indicated that the site was difficult to read and update, making it challenging for administrators. Additionally, DSPP wanted to integrate their Phew Learning Management System with the new website for a consistent look in promoting courses.

Given their positive experience with Phew’s Learning Management System and Audit System, DSPP chose to implement the Phew Website Framework. This decision was driven by the framework’s ability to meet all their requirements, including improved usability and seamless integration.

The new website, designed with DSPP’s diverse stakeholder groups in mind, features distinct visual sections for adults and children, making navigation intuitive. Flexible layouts provide a streamlined and refreshed user experience.

The impact of the new website was immediate and significant:

  • Visitor sessions: Increased by 485% within the first six months.
  • Information downloads: Surged by 950%, indicating vital resources are now easier to find.

The website meets the latest industry benchmarks, including accessibility standards, ensuring all visitors can access the information they need. DSPP can monitor and maintain these standards in-house. The integration of the Learning Management System with the website offers a cohesive look and feel, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, DSPP can now efficiently distribute their newsletter through the website’s content management system.

Monthly detailed analytics reports provide the DSPP team with valuable insights into their website’s performance, offering a level of oversight they never had before.

Sam Anderson, Safeguarding Partnership Business Manager, expressed satisfaction with the new website: “We turned to Phew when we identified the need for a new website, primarily because we were already utilising two of their systems, which consistently prove effective, and we held their client service in high regard. The website’s adaptability, adherence to industry standards, and seamless integration with our Learning Management System has significantly enhanced our online presence.

“The website now serves as a comprehensive platform for professionals seeking quick, user-friendly access to information. With the added benefit of self-monitoring accessibility and streamlined newsletter distribution through the content management system, our online operations have become more efficient than ever. Phew’s monthly detailed analytics reports further provide us with valuable insights into our website’s performance.”

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