The benefits of multi-agency training to support Working Together to Safeguard Children

Date: Wednesday, 01st May 2024 | Category: eLearning, LMS

The latest update to the Working Together to Safeguard Children policy has emphasised the importance of strong multi-agency and multi-disciplinary collaboration to identify and respond to the needs of children and families. This collaboration aims to provide a more coordinated and effective response to child safeguarding concerns across the entire system.

The updated statutory guidance, published in December 2023, outlines the expectations of different professionals and agencies involved in safeguarding children, highlighting the crucial role of multi-agency cooperation at all levels. As part of this renewed approach, it is vital to provide training to staff across different sectors. Practitioners must learn together, drawing on the best available evidence from their respective fields and sharing their perspectives and experiences. Training must address the new standards in child safeguarding and equip all sectors and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to comply with these standards.

A learning management system can facilitate training coordination and strengthen multi-agency collaboration. Phew’s Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help you organise multi-agency safeguarding training events and courses with ease, allowing you to create dynamic training programs that incorporate real-world scenarios and case studies.

“The implementation of the Phew LMS has completely transformed the ability to disseminate learning across the Partnership, brought about closer agency collaboration, and enabled the expansion and coordination of training across the county. The ability of the Phew team to listen and respond to ideas and suggestions ensures that the system is continually developed, which results in a comprehensive training offer without the need for additional capacity or significant investment.”

Steve Macabee, Multi-Agency Training Manager at Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership.

Our LMS is specifically designed for the safeguarding community and enables inclusive learning and development programs that cater to individual practices and needs. It helps build relationships across the multi-agency partners and ensures staff stay updated with the latest practices and standards in child safeguarding.

You can use the system to deliver training to different delegates from a variety of agencies and assign places to different organisation types, ensuring you have an even split across the different agencies. The system also provides the means to easily monitor the learning gain of attendees, allowing you to report on the true impact of the training sessions on your stakeholders and demonstrate the multi-agency nature of your training.

Our LMS ensures you can focus on what matters: maintaining high safeguarding standards, ensuring multi-agency knowledge and skills, and improving outcomes for children and families.

Find out more about our LMS in this introductory video. If you have further questions, please do get in touch with the team by sending an email to or telephoning 01234 779050.