What are the key features of the Phew Audit System that streamline audit processes?

Date: Thursday, 02nd May 2024 | Category: General

Managing and running audits can be a challenging task. With limited time and resources, it can be overwhelming to ensure compliance with regulations and proper communication with staff. These challenges can be difficult to navigate and can consume a lot of time.

Phew, a company that has worked with hundreds of clients, including Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards and Children’s Services for over 20 years, understands the challenges you face when it comes to audits. To help you streamline the process, Phew offers the user-friendly Phew Audit System, which automates the creation, gathering, and reporting of data, saving you time and resources.

The system eliminates the need for manual processes, so you can focus on more meaningful tasks instead of grappling with spreadsheets. All audit data is stored in a centralised, easily accessible and manageable place, providing you with the information you need when you need it. Additionally, you can be confident that your data is secure, as Phew takes GDPR and data security seriously and delivers over and above compliance standards, giving you peace of mind.

With the Phew Audit System, you can do away with sending multiple emails to those completing the audit. The system has a mass email feature that allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with large groups of respondents regarding your audits. You can also set automated reminders to ensure timely follow-up.

The system has features that make the audit process less frustrating, such as 15-minute reminders to save, a “stop-and-save” feature that allows users to complete surveys at their own pace, and mobile access that enables audits to be conducted on the go.

“The Section 11 audit helps provide the MSCP Executive leadership with a clear overview of how partner agencies in Merton adhere to their duty to safeguard children, and what actions will be taken to improve any issues identified.

“Using the Phew Audit System has reduced the resources required, both to deliver the audit by the business support team and to contribute to the audit by partner agencies, which is much appreciated by everyone where resources are limited and often stretched.”

Sarah Slater, Manager of the Policy, Improvements and Partnership Team

The Phew Audit System is the preferred online platform of more than 100 clients, who have seen their audit completion rate increase by up to 120% year-on-year and have saved an average of four weeks of admin time per year.

If you would like to learn more about the Phew Audit System, we can provide a free demonstration at your convenience. Please get in touch at hello@phew.org.uk or call 01234 779050.