Learning Management System FAQs

Learning Management System FAQs

How does the pricing work?

The pricing is determined by the projected number of bookings you plan to process through the system in the following year.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs for the system as support, hosting and compliance are included in the license fee. Within the initial set-up fee, we include training of up to four members of staff which is delivered online. The only additional cost that may be incurred is the setup of online payments. Other integration would be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Do we have to pay for new features?

No, all new features are included as part of the license. These are planned into our roadmap based on priority and our client focus group input. The only rare exception is if a client has a unique request that we would consider to be outside of the scope of the system.

Does the system manage certificates?

The Phew LMS does manage certificates for you; these can be automatically made available post-event or restricted until a delegate has completed the post-course evaluation.

Can you collect evaluations?

The system has a comprehensive evaluation tool that can optionally collect up to five stages: pre-course, post-course, two-time delayed evaluations, and a line manager evaluation. The system also has some fundamental features for recording the learning gain and the impact of training in relevant settings.

Can you take card payments?

The system can integrate with card payments. The standard options are WorldPay, Sage Pay and capita 360. However, any payment system can be integrated.

Does the system meet Accessibility and GPPR requirements?

The system meets the priority two accessibility standards and supports GDPR legislation with several customisable features. These are agreed upon during the implementation process supported by Phew.

Can we restrict agency types to specific numbers on each course?

The system has an innovative tool that allows you to restrict certain organisation types to a limited number of places per course. This is managed on a course by course basis giving total flexibility.

Does the system support e-learning?

The system supports e-learning, utilising an e-learning authoring tool online that is included in the license fee allowing anybody to build and update e-learning courses within the system. There are also options to seamlessly integrate with existing learning packages and links to third party e-learning within the system.

We use a third party e-learning system. Does it integrate?

Yes, the system can link to third party e-learning courses, both to display the course content within our system and link directly to third party e-learning courses, for example, on the government website.

How are courses administered and managed?

The system has a secure administration area where all course delegate and booking management is undertaken.

Does the system offer reports?

There is a comprehensive reporting suite within the system that allows analysis.

Does the system notify delegates of bookings, reminders etc.?

The system sends email confirmations at the time of booking, and sends booking reminders and evaluation reminders that are appropriate.

Can the system manage waiting lists?

The system has two types of waiting lists: those for courses undergoing an active booking (which also restricts places for organisation types) and those delegates who would like to register to be notified of any future courses that become available.

How long does it take to implement?

Once procurement or contracts are in place, it usually takes between four to eight weeks to implement a system; this range usually is only affected by the availability of clients teams.

Do we need to go out to tender?

Phew is very happy to support tendering processes. However, they are also keen to work with clients to find alternative procurement methods.

What support and training do we get?

System support is included in the license. Thus all clients get unlimited support from those system administrators that Phew have trained. We include training up to four users online as part of initial implementation. This can be extended as part of contract negotiations.

Can you migrate our existing data?

We can migrate existing data to our system; however, most clients decide to start with a clean slate allowing delegates to register and accept new terms and conditions and GDPR compliance.


If you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to send an email to hello@phew.org.uk or telephone 01234 779050.