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Patient Discharge Management System

Looking for an effective Patient Discharge Management System developed with top performing Trust Luton and Dunstable, as mentioned on the BBC’s NHS Tracker?  Stop the search – with real-time actionable data, live SITREP (Situation Report) and PTL (Patient Tracking List) reports;  Phew’s pioneering system not only provides vital visibility on bottlenecks but delivers substantial cost economies and operational hospital efficiencies too.

Phew’s Patient Discharge Management System provides a central store of real-time patient information to inform the current discharge status.  Benefits include:

  • Speed and efficiency of data entry through mobile technologies.
  • Creates situational awareness for clinicians.
  • Management of in-surge and extreme situations.
  • Enables escalation response across wider health system.
  • Overall visibility of hospital processes, bottlenecks and challenges.
  • Produces new over 21-day LoS reports.
  • Real-time actionable data with live SITREP (Situation Report) and PTL (Patient Tracking List) reports.
  • Length of stay saving through co-ordination.
  • Significant savings per bed, per day that is freed up.
  • Substantial cost economies from time (staff) and operational hospital efficiencies.