Version 1.2.0

Date: Monday, 20th Mar 2023 | Category:

In our latest release, we have added the following functionality and changes:

Content update reminders

This allows you to add dates to content for when they need to be updated. Every month you will receive a roundup of content that needs to be updated or where the date is approaching. On each piece of content you can add an email address and that person will receive a content update reminder about that post. To turn this on, get in touch

Last published date

You now have the option to add a “Last publishe date” to each page. When this is turned on, a date field will be added to the admin page for you to enter a date.

To turn this on go to Options -> Features. Tick “Last Updated Date”. Click save.

Simplifying the admin

To make editing the site simplier and quicker, we have removed certain things from the admin page.

Updated 404 page

The 404 page has been updated so only certain content appears.